I’ve never driven a motor boat, is it a limit?

Not a problem! To drive our boats you don’t need a boat licence. Along with having YAMAHA 40hp engines with excellent performance they are very easy to drive. Before boarding we will teach you the basics and basic commands to guide our boat and you can contact the nautical base for any doubts or information during the excursion. Don’t hesitate to call us! You are on vacation, your comfort and safety are our priority.

For a serene experience it’s important to respect three fundamental rules:

  • In the port area you have to drive very slow.
  • Sailing boats and ferries always have the right of way.
  • You must respect a 200 meters distance from the coast.

Is fuel included in the price?

Fuel is not included in the price, we will give you the boat with a 40 liters full tank. It is more than enough to safely sail around the Trasimeno Lake.

Upon return the staff will check petrol consumption via a digital liter counter located on the driving display.

To circumnavigate the Trasimeno Lake approximately 13-15 liters of petrol are required.

Can I bring animals on board the boat?

Pets are welcome on board, should your pet be afraid of sailing it is possible to contact a dog-sitter for the duration of the excursion.

Can I stop and get off to visit the villages overlooking the lake?

Yes you can, and we strongly recommend you to! At the beginning of the excursion you will receive a map of the lake where we highlighted for you the 11 docks where docking is allowed. An interactive map of the lake is also available on this site.And naturally we will give you suggestions for the best places to visit based on your preferences and needs.

Can you swim in the Trasimeno Lake?

Yes you can swim in the Trasimeno Lake, there are no whirlpools nor dangerous fishes. You only need to respect the common safety rules when swimming, such as paying attention when getting in the water after eating.

The Trasimeno Lake is clean, according to the monthly published pollution monitoring calendar the bacteriological parameters are excellent, www.arpa.umbria.it.

From the report it emerges that there are no heavy metals or hydrocarbons for the simple reason that there are no industries or factories in the surrounding area.

Is it true that there are no mosquitoes in the area of the lake?

In the vicinity of the water there are no mosquitoes due to the voluntary release of insects called chironomids. These insects during the larval stage, which takes place in the water, feed on mosquito eggs completely eliminating their presence.

Usually in the summer the chironomid population grows, local authorities arrange its reduction to avoid inconvenience to visitors on vacation through biological treatments, harmless to humans and the environment.

Is it true that Lake Trasimeno is not very deep?

The deepest the lake can get is 7 meters, only during exceptionally rainy years.

Therefore we can think of the lake as a large natural pool! Ideal for relax and sailing.